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01/24/2019 Stock Cow & Bred Heifer Special- Selling All Classes of Cattle

Belle Fourche Livestock Market



Donald McDonald

110 Black Angus Heifers Bred Low Birth Weight Black Angus  March 1st for 50 days

225 Black Angus Coming 3 year olds Bred Black Angus  March 25th for 60 days

300 Black Angus Mixed Age Cows Bred Black Angus  March 25th for 60 days

This is a Complete Dispersion off of one of Donald’s Ranches – All Home Raised, Reputation Set of Cows

Kenny & Keli McFarland

130 Black Angus Heifers AI Bred Payweight Febuary25th 1 Day

100 Angus Heifers Bred to Sons Of Confidence & Front Man March 10th 15 Days

Home Raised 1000-1050


Mike &Deanna Gauthier

147 Start Calving March 1st For 21 days

23 Start Calving March 21st For 21 days

All Heifers Are Black Angus and Bred To Low Birth Weight Black Angus Bulls

All Reproduction Shots Are In Place & Poured Twice



Tuf Ranch

14 Black & 1st X Black Baldy Heifers

Bred Low Birth Weight Black Angus Bulls Home Raised & Gentle


Scott Schoun

70 Black Angus Coming 4’s

70 Black Angus Coming 5’s

This Is A Age Dispersion These Cows Have Been On A Shot Program Since Birth

Bred to Outstanding Black Angus Bulls From Schiefalbein & Mt. Rushmore Angus Start Calving March 22nd For 60 Days


Dan & Cindy Conner

40 Black Angus 10 year old Cows Age Dispersion Full Shot Program Start Calving March 25th Bred To Maher Black Angus Bulls For 42 Days Home Raised

Trask Land & Livestock

65 5 Coming 6 Year Old Herford Cows

Bred Black or Hereford April 1st 50 days

Age Dispersion


Mike Pittman

20 Black Solid & Broken Mouth Cows

Bred Black Angus Start Calving April 15th Cows Have All There Shots and Poured


Ben Garman

80 Black Angus Broken Mouth Cows

Bred To Iron Mountain Black Angus Bulls Start calving March 20th These Cows Have All There Shots & Poured

Nixon Angus

60 Black Angus 10 & 11 year old Cows  April 1st 55 Days

All Home Raised

Reiger Cattle Co.

45 Black Short Term Cows

Bred Hereford Start Calving March 20th Sixty Days Shots & Poured


Brady Liles L7 Ranch

10 Black Broken Mouth Cows

Bred Pyramid Beef Black Angus & Hereford March 20th Forty Days


Cathey Ranch

45 Black Angus 10 Year Old Cows

Bred Angus April 1st 50 Days Home Raised


Schloredt Ent.

50 Black Short Term Cows

Bred Black March 1


Nancy Wiley

11 Black cows

4’s & 5’s Bred Black Angus March 1st