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3/14/2019 Stock Cow & Bred Heifer Special – Selling All Classes

Belle Fourche Livestock Market, LLC


THURSDAY March 14th, 2019

10:00 WEIGHUPS             12:00 Bred Stock


HR- home raised       UST-ultrasound tested      BM-broken mouth


Marlin Gier – WY

70 blk & bwf short term cows, bred black & hereford, start calving May 1st


Sean Carrol – WY

60 blk running age cows, bred black angus, start calving April 1st          

Fancy Set of Cows That Raise Proven Calves

John Ebright

70 Black Angus Coming 6&7 Year old cows Bred Black Angus Start Calving March 15th for 60 Days Full Shot Program and Poured


Lucas Stallhammer- WY

25 blk cows bred black to Hereford, start calving April 20th


Jesse Labree- MT

13 Blk Short Term  cows bred blk angus, start calving March 18th for 45 days, shots & poured

10 blk bred heifers, bred blk angus, start calving March 13th for 30 days, shots & poured


Zane Verhulst – SD

8 bred hfrs, April calvers


Mike McIntyre

150 Black Mixed Cows Bred Black Start Calving March 15th


Spur Land & Livestock

40 weigh up cows, drug free

22 weigh up bulls, drug free